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Sandplay therapy may be used with children as young as 4 years old. During the sand play therapy the child is able to express what he/she feels and experiences but is not able to express in words. Through play his/her experience may be heard and understood. The child creates the world in a sand tray and discusses it with the therapist, thus exposing his/her feelings and events that are painful, looking for both resources and solutions.
By conveying and solving problems through play, the child will not have to express them through negative behaviour or physical symptoms.
Sandplay helps children because:
  • Play is a natural form of expression
  • Children have concrete thinking and they need forms of physical self-expression
  • Children’s language and abstract thinking are limited
  • Children do not possess conscious knowledge about what is happening in their psyche; however, they can convey it through play
  • Children often do not speak about their experiences
  • Sand tray creates a safe environment and enhances independence.