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LAP certified licenced trainer, Systemic family psychotherapist, Systemic supervisor. Doctor psychiatrist-psychotherapist. An ISST certified sandplay therapist, DGST certified, licensed trainer, sandplay therapist, practitioner of the sandplay therapy method since 1998 , a DGST certified user of the method since 2007, ISST certified therapist since 2012, DGST certified, and a teacher of Dora Kalff’s sandplay therapy method since 2012.

In the Continuing Education Programme “Sandplay pictorial language” at the Linde von Keyserlingh Sandplay Therapy Institute she conducts the group together with Maija Biseniece, a systemic family psychotherapist and a systemic supervisor. In compliance with the DGST requirements of recent years the 2 groups have completed the programme and now the third group is preparing for their final seminar and casuistic paper.

Work experience:
  • From 1989 until now: A certified doctor-psychiatrist.
  • From 1997-2015: lecturer in psychiatry.
  • From 1999 until now: A certified systemic family psychotherapist.
  • From 2005 until now: A teacher of the Continuing education programme in the systemic family psychotherapy and a Board member of SFPFEI (Systemic Family Psychotherapy Further Education Institute).
  • Board member of Linde von Keyserlingh Sandplay Therapy Institute