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VERA Ščerbakova
Vera Ščerbakova is a practising Jungian analytic therapist IAAP (International Association of Analytical Psychology), a sandplay therapist (ISST) and a psychotherapist (LAP) with almost 20 years experience in an orphanage, a kindergarten and private practice with children and adults, a licensed trainer, a member of DGST. Vera is the Director of “Linde von Keyserlingh Sandplay Therapy Instituten” and “The Analytic Psychology and Sandplay Therapy Centre”, and since 2012 the Chair of the Board of the Latvian Society for Sandplay Therapy.

She undertook sandplay therapy training with June Atherton (Ireland), a disciple of Dora Kalff, in St.Petersburg, 1998; then continued with Linde von Keyserlingh, another disciple of Dora Kalff, in Latvia. Under the guidance of Linde von Keyserlingh, she became a member of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST) and a licensed trainer, and is a member of German Sandplay Therapy.

As a teacher she has participated in the Sandplay training programme in the Ukraine and has conducted a long-term training course in Kaliningrad, Saint Petersburg and Moscow. She has written two book, which have already been published in two editions: Encouraging the Child’s Inner World, where a great part is devoted to the method of sandplay therapy and The World in the Sand, which is devoted to the method of sandplay therapy.

Since 2012 Vera Šķerbakova has been offering her masterclass programme “Theory and Practice of Sandplay Therapy” to the students who have completed the programme “Sandplay Pictorial Language” at the Linde von Keyserlingh Institute. The programme provides an opportunity to deepen her comprehension of the method in theoretical seminars and supervision.

It is possible to apply for:
You are welcome to apply for studies at VERA ŠĶERBAKOVA’S (BATŅA’S) MASTERCLASS
The participants of the Master class will be able to obtain in-depth knowledge in the theory of sandplay therapy and the theory of Jungian analytical therapy as well as acquiring skills in the utilization of sand play therapy in their practices. The training is planned to include two-day theory seminars and supervisions in small groups.

Course duration: 2 years
Course commencement: November 03-04, 2017
Author of the training programme: Vera Šķerbakova (Batņa)

Director and teacher of the training programme: Vera Šķerbakova (Batņa), a licensed trainer - sandplay therapist (ISST, DGST), a practising Jungian analytical therapist - trainee (IAAP).

Teachers of the programme: Guna Berga, Master of Clinical Psychology, a sandplay therapist (ISST), a practising Jungian analytical therapist (IAAP).

The programme is designed for students who have completed the continuing education course “The symbolic language of sand images” based on sand play therapy.
After completing the training the students will be awarded an attestation by Vera Šķerbakova’s (Batņa’s) Masterclass. The credits acquired during training will be included into recertification for the certified sandplay therapy users.

The applicants may register by writing to, or by calling 29109220.
Topics of theMaster class seminars:
  • Archetypes, collective unconscious and development of the unconscious; the Self and Ego
  • Ego structure and functions
  • Evolution of Ego and the Self relationship during human lifetime
  • Psychic energy (theory of the libido), its movement and direction
  • Role of symbols in transformation of Psychic energy; transcendent function
  • Signs of development of conscious (C.G.Jung). Process of individuation.

  • Four Ego functions and their reflection in the symbolic field of the sand tray
  • Signs of Ego development in children’s and adults’ sand pictures
  • Archetype of the Self and its identification in the sand pictures (according to Kalff,D.M.,1980; Weinrib, E., 1983; Neumann, 2002; Fordham, M., 1988; Cameron, S. 2003)
  • Working with a symbol in the sand play therapy; levels of symbol comprehension. Myths as the deepest reflection of the level of psyche’s functioning

  • Children’s development according to E. Neumann and D. Kalff (Kalff, D., 1980; Neumann, E. 2002) in theory and sand pictures
  • Neumann about disturbances in primary relationship and its consequences (Neumann, E., 2002), “frustrated Ego”. Examples of clinical cases.
  • Ego strengthening in the process of sandplay therapy. Presentation of cases
  • Sandplay therapy at the level of primary relationship (Bradway, K., Chambers, L., Chiaia,M., 2005). Examples
  • Therapist’s role in sandplay. Transference-countertransference (by Kalff,D., 1980; Bradway, K., McCoard, 1997; Cunningham, L., 1999.)Bērna attīstība pēc E. Noimana un D. Kalfas (Kalf, D., 1980; Neumann, E. 2002) teorijā un smilšu bildēs

  • Sandplay therapy in the work with children
  • Application of sandplay therapy in the process of adult psychotherapy. Amplification, postponed interpretation. Reflection of the process of individuation in sand pictures

  • Transformation of trauma
  • Psychosomatic disorders and sandplay: tics, enuresis, asthma , acute crises