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Education opportunities and professional qualification requirements
It is possible to acquire the method of sandplay therapy at the education institution LINDES FON KEIZERLINKAS SMILŠU SPĒLES TERAPIJAS INSTITŪTS /LINDE VON KERSERLINGH SANDPLAY THERAPY INSTITUTE/ , registered under the Ministry of Education, where there are currently 5 teachers, sandplay psychotherapists – Vera Ščerbakova (Batņa), Maija Biseniece, Iveta Pļaviņa, Līga Rāviņa and Vita Kārkliņa.

All these teachers implement a programme of continuing education in compliance with the requirements of the International Society for Sandplay Therapy (ISST), approved by the board of the Latvian Society for Sandplay Therapy (LSST).

Only ISST members – licensed trainers, or ISST members who work under the guidance of a supervisor – a licenced trainer, are authorized to conduct the continuing education programme.
In order to maintain and develop the professional standards of sandplay therapy in compliance with LSST guidelines, and those that meet ISST standards, the practitioners of Sandplay therapy in Latvia should prove conformity to the certification requirements by obtaining a certificate issued for 2 or 5 years (Certification and re-certification regulations will soon be annexed). Every 2 or 5 years recurrent certification (recertification) shall be performed.
Sandplay therapy training
It is possible to apply for:
LINDE VON KEYSERLINGH SANDPLAY THERAPY INSTITUTE invites you to apply for the continuing education programme of sandplay therapy technique "SANDPLAY PICTORIAL LANGUAGE"
The sandplay therapy technique was developed by Dora Kalff, based on C.G.Jung’s in-depth psychology now utilised by psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians and social workers in their work. This is a projective, non-directive method that differs from the play therapy and is rooted in the ability of the human psyche to create symbols; it provides an opportunity to process and heal the wounds of the soul that are difficult to vocalize.

Course duration: 2 years
Course volume: 120 theoretical hours (including 50 hours of Jungian analytical psychology), 80 supervision hours and self-experience.

The training programme in each group at the Linde von Keyserlingh Institute is conducted by all teachers of the Institute:
  • Vera Ščerbakova (Batņa), LAP (Latvian Association of Psychotherapists), a certified Jungian analytic therapist and an internationally certified (ISST) sandplay psychotherapist. A sandplay psychotherapy teacher and supervisor, DGST (German Society for Sandplay Therapy). The author of the book The World in the Sand.
  • Maija Biseniece, LAP certified, a licensed trainer, systemic family psychotherapist and supervisor. Internationally certified (ISST) sandplay psychotherapist, Dr.paed., doc.


    Iveta Pļaviņa, LAP certified, licensed trainer, systemic family psychotherapist and supervisor, Internationally certified (ISST) sandplay psychotherapist, certified doctor-psychiatrist.,
  • Līga Rāviņa, Internationally certified (ISST) sandplay psychotherapist. Sandplay teacher and supervisor (DGST). Systemic family psychotherapist. Systemic group supervisor


    Vita Kārkliņa, Internationally certified (ISST) sandplay psychotherapist. Sandplay teacher and supervisor (DGST). Systemic family psychotherapist and teacher.
You can apply for the continuing education programme in three groups:
  • To apply for the group conducted by Maija Biseniece and Iveta Pļaviņa at email: and or by phoning Maija 29188174, Iveta 29408985.
  • To apply for the group conducted by Vera Ščerbakova (Batņa) at email: or or calling at phone number 29109220. See the homepage:
  • To apply for the group conducted by Līga Rāviņa and Vita Kārkliņa and e-mail m.t.26585052.
  • After completion of the whole course the students will be awarded a certificate approved by the LSST society, providing authorization to integrate the sandplay therapy method into their professional work.

More information about the teachers: