Monikas Heinzel-Jungeras seminārs "Smilšu spēles terapija darbā ar bērniem un veciem cilvēkiem" un biedrības pilnsapulce
Norisināsies 29. aprīlī no pl.10-16.

Seminārs notiks E. Smilģa Teātra muzejā ( dalības maksa LSST biedriem 20 eur, citiem 40 eur.

Pieteikties līdz 23. aprīlim rakstot uz e-pastu

Dalības maksa jāpārskaita uz biedrības kontu līdz 27. aprīlim.

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Smilšu spēles studija
Smilšu spēles un ģimenes psihoterapeites Vita Kārkliņa un Līga Rāviņa aicina uz semināru ciklā "Smilšu spēles studija".

Semināru cikls paredzēts kā regulāri semināri ar gadījumu analīzi, tēmu izpēti, diskusijām un supervīziju. Seminārus piedāvājam smilšu spēles praktizētājiem, lai padziļinātu izsmalcinātu uztveri darbā ar smilšu spēli.

Seminārs notiks Ieriķu ielā 67a (Rīgā) Vitas Kārkliņas prakses telpās 2017.gada 7.aprīlī no plkst. 10.00 – 17.00.

Semināra pirmajā daļā sievietes - klientes gadījums "Atvadīšanās no zaudētās ilūzijas." Diskusijas un analīze.
Semināra otrajā daļā dalībnieki var pieteikties uz savu klientu gadījumu supervīzijām.

Dalības maksa seminārā 35.00 Eiro.
Par dalību un supervīzijas gadījumiem lūdzu informēt līdz 2.aprīlim pa telefonu Vitu Kārkliņu (26585052 )
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Conference Report: "The Earth – Living Space and Symbol"
15th DGST / SGSS Symposium for Sandplay Therapy October 21 – 23, 2016 Evangelisches Johannesstift Berlin Spandau

Report: Dr. Ulrike Hinsch, Berlin
Sandplay Therapists from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Latvia and Armenia met together in October 2016 for a weekend of intensive, concentrated work and intercommunication. The opening on Friday afternoon brought together Teaching Members from Germany and Switzerland to review the actual situation in both countries and brainstorming about the future and how we can learn from the teaching experiences in several European regions.

The evening opening lecture was given by Professor Ortwin Renn, Potsdam (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies IASS), who presented an excellent introduction to the subject of the conference and highlighted our reflections and conversations about the base (bottom, ground) of life.

  • The Earth – Living Space and Symbol (Joerg Rasche, Berlin)
  • The burn-out child – „Der erschöpfte Taugenichts“ (Ruth Noell-Hermann, Zürich)
  • Earth as archetype: sandtrays of children and adolescents (Alexander von Gontard, Homburg/Saar)
  • Gaia – archetypal energy of the great mother and therapy of trauma (Vera Schcherbakowa, Riga)
  • Mandala as image of world and soul (Lorraine Dupont, Lausanne)

  • Energy as living experience (Robert Feind, Köln)
  • Chaos and order – creative sandplay (Ulrich Gunderman, Kirchzarten)
  • Through imagination to new ways of life (Vita Karklina und Liga Ravina, Riga)
  • Creation of mandalas(Lorraine Dupont, Lausanne)
  • On Saturday afternoon we also convened the annual general assembly of the German Society DGST with election of the new board. Unanimously elected were Dr. Joerg Rasche, Ulrich Gwinner, Monika Heinzel-Junger, and Dr. Beate Kortendieck-Rasche.

The Saturday- night get-together, dining and talking, was framed by Turkish and Persian live music, an additional strong impression of being all together on one earth. The Fundus bookstore offered new and second hand books. An exhibition of mandalas was shown, new and antique figures mainly from Asia were sold and participants brought many miniatures which were exchanged and sold as well. Conversation and understanding was possible because of patience and language skills on all sides and with the help of professional translation (Arija Servuta, the Latvian-German interpreter).

Thanks to everybody for that and also to Joerg Rasche, the DGST board and others for organizing this event.
ISST Board Representative: Dr. Grace Hsin-hwei Liang Hong
Dr. Tsungchain Michael Huang, President

In late November, 2016, Dr. Alex Esterhuyzen will come to Taiwan to teach sandplay. The themes are: Psychological Initiation; a Seminar in Jungian Psychology and Sandplay Therapy (Nov. 26); and A Woman's Journey: Discovering Distinctive Value and Consciousness through Sandplay Therapy (Nov. 27-28). We hope there will be a good turnout for these events.

Our ISST members have worked hard to promote sandplay therapy in Taiwan. Here are some tasks that they have done or will do this year.

*Monhsin Wang, 9/25; Sandplay Introduction at the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital; sandplay group co-supervision with Dr. Grace Hong to trainees on a regular basis.
*Anne Tang, 6/13: Sandplay Study for Counselors and Psychologists at the Taipei Municipal Jingmei Girls' High School; 11/29 Sandplay Study for the Department of Psychiatry at Taipei City’s Hospital at He-Ping.
*Lun Fen Huang, Sandplay Introduction at the National Taiwan Normal University; 9/25: Sandplay Introduction at the Far Eastern Memorial Hospital; 11/9: Sandplay Study for Counselors at the HuaXia Technical University; a sandplay case in the Guidance Quarterly in Taiwan, published (March 2016); another article has been accepted and will be published in the STA Journal.
*Yulis: Sandplay Study Group for 10 mental health workers in a remote Taiwan village. Yulis has obtained the Certificate of Membership in the International Association of Analytical Psychology.
*Grace Hong: Sandplay Symbol Seminar in Taipei and Kaohsiung; Sandplay Group Supervision in Taipei and Kaohsiung; 11/18-19: Sandplay Advanced Workshop at the Taipei National University of the Arts; 12/3-5: Sandplay and Symbol Formation Workshop in Malaysia. She and Dr. Michael Huang plan to co-teach a monthly sandplay seminar entitled, Sandplay and Individuation, starting the early part of next year.
Several sandplay trainees have attended either the Sandplay Intensive in Latvia or the STA National Conference. Meei Shiuan Lih, has written up her experience of attending the ITW.

Student’s Report: Intensive Training Week in Latvia
Meei-Shiuan Lih Taiwan -I am so glad that I attended the ITW in Latvia this summer. It was a fantastic week, which has made me committed to learning sandplay. I was so inspired by the teachers and their extensive knowledge of sandplay. In addition, they also took care of our meals, nurturing us, not only physically, but also psychologically. They were our best containers during that week. Moreover, every participant could register for two group supervision sessions in the evenings. That was a wonderful experience of discussing different cases and sharing with people from different countries and different cultures. I was excited to experience the power of the collective unconscious. On those evenings in which we did not have supervisions, some friends and I went to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful environment.

On the last morning of the training, the teachers led us to the beach to do “sandtrays” there. In addition, the Latvian group brought flowers, fruits, and some other materials, and we created a group Mandala, which was a terrific way to wrap up a training course like this. The ITW ended with the Gala dinner. On that night, everyone was happy, but I was also bit sad to part with new friends. We hugged and said goodbye, looking forward to seeing each other again. Thank you to the Latvian group for giving gifts to every participant. Including pieces of amber and a symbol of Latvia. I received a Latvian Cross, a symbol of “happiness and love’, which protects from evil spirits.” I was so moved and felt blessed.
Apsuciems, near Riga, Latvia: 5th-11th of August, 2016 (Report: Lenore Steinhardt)

The ISST sponsored ITW took place in the small town of Apsuciems, not far from Riga. The Latvian Sandplay Organization hosted this event and arranged a comfortable Spa hotel near the Baltic sea for thirty sandplay students from 15 countries and four Teachers. During the week there were two 3 hour presentations in English, workshops and discussion of many sandplay issues each day. In the evening there were supervision groups. The participants received accreditation towards ISST certification. The four teachers – Alexander Esterhuyzen, Trudy Rankin, Betty Jackson and Lenore Steinhardt are all ISST Board and Teaching Members.

Topics included: Symbolic understanding of the sand, Attachment through the life cycle, Presandplay with children, Bereavement and loss, Understanding unconscious communications in sandplay images, and essential Jungian themes.
On the final day all students and teachers took part in early morning Beach sandplay, and later participated in an experiential workshop ending in a group mandala.

ISTA (Israeli Sandplay Therapists Association) Michal Troudart, President ISST Board Representative: Lenore Steinhardt
Lenore Steinhardt, ISTA/ISST Teaching Member, was one of four ISST TM’s who gave presentations and supervision during the ISST sponsored ITW week in Latvia, in Apsuciems on the Baltic Sea. Below is the report of three advanced Israeli sandplay students who attended the ITW.

In August 2016 we attended an intensive week of training in Jungian Sandplay therapy in Latvia. We received information about the program from our Sandplay teacher, Lenore Steinhardt who represents Israel (ISTA) in the ISST. We have all completed the two year theoretical training program in Sandplay therapy and our own personal Sandplay processes and we attend an ongoing sandplay supervision group. Since we are in an advanced stage of completing the requirements to become certified Sandplay therapists, we wanted to find out more about ISST. We also wanted to know more about Sandplay therapists from other places in the world, who are in a similar stage of Sandplay training as we are.

We arrived on an August afternoon at the small town of Apsuciems, in the Latvian countryside, close to the Baltic Sea. A small river flowed through a forest next to the hotel. The light was soft, very different from the sunny Mediterranean climate we live in. For us the atmosphere was like a dream. We were now detached from our daily lives, and the journey over the sea invited us to an adventure of meeting colleagues from other cultures and from different places in the world. It was a very exciting and powerful meeting. Although each one of us came from a different place and spoke a different language, we discovered that we all had a common language- the language of Sandplay. This meeting was an event that widened and enriched us, and made it possible to get to know different levels, aspects and nuances of Sandplay.

The workshop format for learning, and the opportunity to go into depth with each case presentation enabled a much deeper understanding of meaningful Sandplay processes. Through the lectures and case presentations of the teachers, the supervision groups, experiential workshops, and the conversations during the breaks, we received a rich and deep impression that reinforced our feeling that all through the two years of our training program, and through our personal Sandplay process, this is a therapy that offers both patient and therapist contact with the depths of the psyche and enables deep processes of change and development. Undergoing this meaningful experience has inspired us to continue to invest ourselves in the certification process, despite the demands of work and life. We remain with a taste for more of this kind of experience.